Estate Planning & Probate

Herr Pedersen & Berglund LLP, helps clients establish a comprehensive estate plan, and assists them in keeping up to date with the changing laws that impact estates.

Estate Planning – Herr Pedersen & Berglund has a long standing wills, trusts, and probate practice. Our firm has experience with the advantages and disadvantages of certain estate planning tools, such as joint tenancy, wills and trusts. The federal government has made certain tax deductions and credits available to its citizens, and Herr Pedersen & Berglund continues to stay current with the laws that effect its clients’ estates.

Document Example - Estate Planning

Probate – In addition to developing estate plans for its clients, Herr Pedersen & Berglund also represents estates in its probate practice. From complex multi-million dollar estates to simple small estates, our firm provides the service to the decedent’s estate, as the decedent had planned in creating their will.

Estate Litigation – With its extensive litigation experience, Herr Pedersen & Berglund has also represented clients in challenging and defending wills and trusts.