The professional staff of Herr Pedersen & Berglund LLP bring a unique combination of experience, insight and capabilities to bear on a wide range of legal problems, challenges and opportunities.


Partners Leonard C. Herr, Kris B. Pedersen, and Rachele Berglund collectively have more than 75 years of legal and administrative experience. They have served public agencies of all sizes, national corporations, local businesses and individuals, and non-profit organizations.


Our combined administrative and litigation experience makes us uniquely suited to providing clients with legal and practical advice. Our approach is to focus on creatively resolving issues before those problems result in litigation. Our firm has a proven record of litigation avoidance and, when necessary, success in the court room.


When required, we have the experience and talented personnel to effectively defend or prosecute most claims, almost anywhere in the country. Together, we have conducted more than 50 trials, and have briefed and argued more than 20 cases before various appellate courts.